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 The rules of the forum

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PostSubject: The rules of the forum   Mon 09 Mar 2009, 7:02 pm

Hello and welcome to The Zelda Forum!

These are the rules to the forum. If you do not follow these rules under the pretext that you didn't read them, you will be banned for 24 hours.

1. Language
SMS language is strictly prohibited as well as any form of:
- pornography
- racism
- antisemitism
- anything that is injurious
- menaces ...
Flood is ONLY tolerated in the Flood section. Flood is the act of sending alot of text in a small time frame, whether accidentally or in the hope of annoying or lagging people. "Flood" is also when one is off the subject of discussion.
Develope your sentences.
Always reread your posts to make sure everything makes sense and use proper punctuation and spelling.
No double-posting!

2. personal information
NEVER give your password to any person on the forum even if he/she is a moderator, administrator, member...
Before posting, present yourself in the "presentation" section. A form will be given to fill out.

3. Publicity
Publicity is ONLY allowed in "Publicity" and in your signature. You have to fill out all of these conditions if you want to do any publicity:
- Have at least 50 messages.
- Not have any warnings from a moderator or administrator.
- Do not do any concurrence with The Zelda Forum.
- If you want to do publicity for your site or be in affiliation with us, send a PM (private message) to an administrator and we'll help you out..

4. Ranks

To be a moderator:
- you have to have a minimum of 100 messages.
- you must have no warnings.
- be elected by other members during an election organized by the founder.
To be administrator:
- have a minimum of 1000 messages.
- be a moderator
- be elected by the administrators and moderators in an election organized by the founder.
Moderators and Administrators have to respect the rules and have to justify any warnings and banishments (moderateurs can not banish, but can ask an administrator for a member to be banished). They must not over use their "powers".

5. avatars, pseudos, and signatures
anything is fine as long as it respects rule 1.

6. sanctions

If rules 1, 2, and 3 are not followed, you will recieve a PM (private message) from a moderator or administrator giving you a warning. If persistent, you will be banished for a periode of 48 houurs.
If rule 4 is not followed, you will recieve a warning and will be brought down to the status of "member".
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The rules of the forum
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